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    Network Atlas - Cannot drag nodes onto map?


      I have a local, virtual environment that I first experimented with and everything works just fine. ie, when running Atlas from the Server 2012 VM I could drag nodes onto my map.


      However, now that I'm trying to create some maps in our companies DEV environment, I have installed Atlas on my local machine and connected up to our SAM/NPM server.  I can do everything I want within Atlas except drag & drop nodes.  I am able to use the "Add Object" button, but even then I cannot drag a node over to inherit status.  As soon as I begin dragging a node, the appears, indicating I cannot drop the node on the node list, but then immediately disappears.  I never receive the "droppable" cursor.  That leads me to believe it's not a network performance issue (loading the node) or anything similar, but a bug in the app. 


      Windows 8.1

      Network Atlas version: