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    Cisco Config Viewer in Toolset 11 doesn't display configs


      I just upgraded. When I pull a config everything appears to work (doesn't matter if it is running or saved) but the only thing that is displayed are the very first few "housekeeping" lines indicating the config has been read and downloaded, no config.


      I've used this tool often and never had this issue before.

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          Hi dwsmithjr,


          We have a similar issue reported by another customer and are investigating the scenarios and environmental causes to reproduce/find a fix. Could you get in touch with the Support with the following information?


          1) Name of the node - whether it occurs with all the node or for a particular node/sets of nodes. Does the node contain a "dot", by any chance?

          2) Do you see any error message when you try to upload partial changes (we had this reported and this appears to be a bit related to the actual error you had mentioned, that is why).

          3) Your environment details



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