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    Sending Out An S.O.S (SysAdmins On Social)

    Wendy Abbott

      Throughout history, civilizations have paid homage to ordinary people who do extraordinary things. World leaders, presidents, mothers, fathers, and even that “large squirrel” who predicts the weather all have their day. Well there is another who is deemed worthy of such adoration. That’s right, it’s you—the System Administrator. It’s time for end-users across the globe to stand and raise our cans of diet soda to toast the greatest techies the world has ever known. That’s why we are introducing the Systems Management Social Channel. This is our way of reaching out to our community of IT professionals and putting you in touch with what interests you the most.

      • Looking for a specific technical resource (whitepapers, tech-tips, how-to, and case studies)?
      • Need quick access to information on features or updates for specific products, applications, solutions, etc.?
      • Interested in product trends and current events? How are other SysAdmins maintaining network performance and bandwidth with so many end-users streaming the World Cup games?
      • And a lot more…

      Of course, it’s not all about work. You deserve some fun and entertainment. The Systems Management Social Channel is also where you find all the great contests (with super cool prizes!), sweepstakes, and event announcements.

      Remember, the Systems Management Social Channel is all about you. Follow along and tell us what interests you, what you like, don’t like, or would like more of. How can we best meet your needs?


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