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    Drag and Drop in the ServU Web-Client/Pro & File Sharing


      We are still in the process of evaluating the application but having the application for 3 years already. Initially, 2 years back lots of hard-work are expected to be in this application why we move somewhere else and have our FTP services hosted.


      Till now, the web client/pro is still the same, dragging of files you wanted to send is still not possible. We know that Voyager is there that basically beat the purpose but, far to be true. Since the application is mostly depending on Java, I believe that possibility of making this come true is near to be there, I hope.


      This goes the same with File Sharing. It is more intuitive if drag and drop is available in file sharing when you are about to attach the documents for upload.


      I do not want to compare this with known providers but, I believe that it is almost there.


      Thanks - Mhan