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    "Start Timer" button runs all activities, even unchecked ones. Why and what to do?


      I have two activities, one is scheduled to run at 16:00, another has no schedule, Reocurring field says "Never", all other fields are unchecked or empty.

      I need the second task to run manually.


      According CatTools manual about running a scheduled Activity:

      · Click the "Activities" tab.

      · Check (tick) all the Activities you would like to schedule.

      · Press the "Start timer" button.

      · CatTools will enter into "Active Timer Mode" and run the activities at the scheduled intervals and/or times.


      Ooook, so I check the first task, uncheck the second (manual) task, press "Start Timer" button - and both tasks are seen as being on timer, meaning I can't edit neither of them, I can't run them manually, they are kinda "locked" until I press "Stop Timer"


      While I understand why the scheduled one is locked, I absolutely have no clue why the unchecked activity which has no schedule at all is a subject of "Start Timer" action. It contradicts the logic and your manual.


      Every time I need to start my manual activity - I have to stop all scheduled activities, run unscheduled one, then restart scheduled ones. That`s kinda strange.


      Is there any way I can change this?