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    Sflow problems: how to get it working?


      I looked through the Sflow guide and it appeared to imply that you had to run some custom mibs to get the sflow working in a way orion recognizes.


      Is there any other way to get sflow to actually work? Without having run those steps I have tried to have sflow be sent to NTA and it simply doesn't even recognize it at all.


      I say this because our net admins don't want to change sflow settings on the switches themselves.

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          I didn't have to work with any mibs for sflow to work properly on my NTA


          The default port on my DELL PowerConnect switches for sflow was 6343, so I verified that NTA was setup for the same port


          sflow settings.JPG

          Then configured my switches to send the sflow data to my NTA server in the sflow receivers


          That was all


          You will need to configure your switches with your sflow collector (NTA server) to be able to read the sflow data


          what model switches do you have?


          why does you Net Admin not want to do this?