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    Full documentation of Orion SDK verbs?




      In the latest version of the SolarWinds Technical Reference for the Orion Software Development Kit there is a section called "Some Useful Verbs".  However, by both it's own name and by how I have seen others used here on Thwack I know that this is not the full list of verbs.


      Is there any documentation, official or otherwise, of a full list of what verbs are available and for what operations within the Orion SDK?  The Tech Ref document is lacking such a list, and even the "Some Useful Verbs" section lacks some verbs that are used elsewhere in the same document.

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          Jan Pelousek



          the Verbs are module specific and depending on the installed product you have accessible verbs.

          The full list of verbs usable for your product combination you'll get by querying (against SWIS v3)

          SELECT Name, EntityName FROM Metadata.Verb

          The verb arguments including their definitions, types etc. then by:

          SELECT EntityName, VerbName, Position, Name, Type, XmlTemplate, XmlSchemas, IsOptional
          FROM Metadata.VerbArgument


          Purpose of the verbs should be in most cases self-descriptive per their name.


          I hope it helped at least a bit.