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    How IPAM can work for me.


      Hi all,

      New to the Solarwinds product, post-purchase and still in my first days of installation. So forgive any obvious fails :-)

      I am curious about the IPAM product, I am aware of its basic purpose. But I´m also interested in some added benefit.


      It looks to me it is not capable of detecting rouge/additional IPs, but just to manage known IPs you have purposely imported. It then has the capabilities of scanning the subnets for changes and retrieve information of pre-registered IPs. But it does not detect a new IP in the subnet if it has not been previously imported. Useful because people don’t always remember to do the paperwork and add it to the IPAM

      Workaround, I could populate all my subnets with their IPs and thus the IPAM will detect when it starts to respond. but assume this will count as licensed IPs. But there is no notification or flag when a new IP starts to respond, my preference it would need to be approved/registered.


      My ideal product would keep track of all my subnets as a regular IPAM, and then notify me of new IPs that is discovered during scheduled scans. Those new IPs could then be manually processed and approved. Preferably these rouge IPs would all be listed up in a bucket list.

      Same applies to new subnets if they are configured and not registered. They should be flagged in the IPAM when discovered.


      Maybe this only makes sense to me and my IP environment :-)


      Hope to get tips and pointers if this is already possible.

      ..or maybe get this approved as a useful feature.




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          You'll need to do this as a feature request. That way people can vote on i

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            Hi Oskar,


            because IPAM licensing is based on "used" IP Addresses you may create - pre-populate your subnets with all "Available IPs" in it and then let IPAM to keep scanning the subnets. if it finds newly used IP address you may get an alert and for licensing is just "-1" license even though you have all IP Addresses for /20 subnet.


            let me know if that helps.




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              Thanks both,

              Regarding michal.hrncirik answer it is a workaround, and if the alert is not lost in the pool of events and alerts it might work.

              But it does not gurantee a followup. Unless the alert has an ACK process?


              But I would like some sort of  "approved"  status for an IP so I can scan/search thru IPs that have not been approved/processed. ( there are other work procedures that need to be done, diagrams etc.)

              Was hoping I could even create a custom parameter but they are only text or url, ...not check box.


              So I might try to add my first feature request as superfly99suggests ...even before I´ve really started using the product