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    LEM Upgrade - Disk Space Requirements


      I'll be upgrading my LEM appliance from 5.5 to 5.6, and then to 6.0 following the upgrade path.  How much available disk space is required for the upgrade?  I've read the upgrade documentation and cannot see this referenced anywhere, my appliance has 250GB disk with around 40GB available space.  It may not be an issue but we have strict change control here and I don't want the upgrade to fail.





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          The 5.6 upgrade will evaluate your free disk space, and won't allow the system to proceed with the upgrade if there isn't enough disk space.  It also prompt multiple times if you're sure you want to continue, so you could launch the upgrade to see if it has any issues with the pre-upgrade checks, and then quit out of it until you're ready.


          Where are the 40GBs?  Which partition?