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    Weekly Recurring On Call.


      Most places I have worked have weekly on-call rotations.  Yet it does not seem to be possible to have one sched. where one person is on call from monday to monday and have it recurring. The closest I can get is for it to create 7 one day assignments.  Am I missing something?  And if not could this be added in the next update?



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          Yes, you need to create schedule per day and specify weekly recurring for each.

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            I was able to configure our setup for recurring schedules and was able to choose the day(s) to be on-call for each user.  When making an on-call schedule, after choosing the recurring assignment, there should be options below for daily, weekly, monthly.  From there, you should be able to tailor the recurring assignment to your specifications fairly easily without much need to create multiple on-call schedules to cover the same person.

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              same here - we have 4 teams with different on call schedules. I tried to create a recurring schedule to repeat every 3 months, but all i got was a single day every three months.. I am not looking forward to having to create (52 weeks x 12 staff, plus 12 x 3 staff, .... ) all those schedules because we cant properly create a week long, or month long, recurrent event.

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                slade meatfist

                Leaves a little to be desired - We've used Pagerduty in the past, and it has the ability to do so.  We like to schedule On-Call rotations from Tuesday to Tuesday, so that any holidays that fall on a Monday are fairly distributed.  If I select 'Recur every 4 weeks' on Tuesday, it just assigns that person to Tuesday every 4 weeks, and not enter a week-long rotation that *begins* on Tuesday, which is how you'd expect it to.