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    Activation Issue/Downgrade


      I Have a valid license of  DMRC version 9 the support downgrade the key to the version 8

      in order to be compatible within the organization that i am using it.

      The problem is with the activation of the product V (32bit).

      The "SolarWinds License Manager" is not working because the maintenance of the licence has end.

      The License is valid and working.

      I am using the "Enter License Information..." tool to activate the program.

      I am using the manual activation using the "Unique machine ID"

      The wizard ends with the last screen showing that the product is activated but when

      I hit the Finish then the program show me that it is in evaluation mode of 14 days.

      The support of SolarWinds directed me to the forums and did't manage to provide any solutions.

      I have installed the application many times and i am using the "License Reset Tool" to clear the old installations.

      Any suggestion/Help will be appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.