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    ipMonitor MIB's


      There are conversations here and there, over the years, about the use of MIB's in ipMonitor.  It appears, on the surface, that loading up vendor MIB files is easier in Orion than it is in ipMonitor.  What is the exact process for ipMonitor 10.8.x and vendor supplied MIB's?  I would hope that something has been written to show step by step but I can say that finding it has not been easy.  Monitoring PING for some hardware is just fine.  However, having the ability to monitor more than the PING for a NAS or an IP PDU is extremely beneficial to to a business.

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          In ipMonitor, custom MIBs will need to be created for you.  Once you receive the MIBs, you will do the following:


          1) Stop the ipMonitorSrv service.

          2) Rename your current mib_base.bxml file so that you have a backup

          3) Extract the mib_base.bxml file in your C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\ipMonitor\internal folder.

          4) Restart the ipMonitorSrv service.

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