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    Add WMI Node with cred. via SWIS


      Hi all,

      I want to add WMI node via SWIS. But I must input any WMI credential setting to that node. Is there any way to do this?

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          SDK 1.9 (http://downloads.solarwinds.com/solarwinds/Release/Orion/OrionSDK-1.9.zip) includes a PowerShell sample for adding a WMI node. Note that the credential you want to use for the node must be entered through the website - then the script just references it.

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              Thank you tdanner. I got it and added credential (node settings) to WMI node. I have one more question about update node settings. I use that below code for update node settings but I got an error.


                                  swis.Update("Orion.NodeSettings", new PropertyBag


                                                                        {"NodeID", nodeID},

                                                                        {"SettingName", settingName},

                                                                        {"SettingValue", settingValue}





              Error executing update operation: Invalid SWIS uri at character 18: Incomplete uri. Parser did not finish in End state, but instead was left in Scheme state

              Parameter name: uri


              NodeID: 5

              SettingName: WMICredential

              SettingValue: 3



              I didn't understand what the uri is to use. Can you help me how to update wmi credential on node settings?