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    Port Map - has to be a better way...


      Objective -

      Publish available switch ports in Sharepoint for easy reference!


      task to meet objective:

      1. Run switch port mapper against EVERY switch

           Map Layer3 to core arp table

      2. Export results to excel

      3. Add switch name and location to excel and save as xls.

      4. Create Report in NPM with IP, Servername and machine type

      5. Save report to excel

      6. Import ALL switch spreadsheets to Access

      7. Import NPM report to Access

      8. Create Make Table Query in access and join on IP address on two tables (PortMap table and servername report table)

      9. Export new table with all the joined data to Sharepoint list

      10. Create new view in Sharepoint..


      11. Grab Beer and a smoke!!! whew.. There has to be a better way..  I'm open to suggestions..


      Here is the end result:


      Default view; Grouped by Switch name and if operational status, collapsed.

      *ifOper Down is operational status Down and it is assumed the switch port is available to be used.


      Expanded view:




      I have not come up with a solution to automate this, yet! So in order to keep this updated, the entire process needs to be run through again.