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    How to create views for monitoring user sessions on a server?

    johnny cache

      Greetings everyone! I have recently been assigned monitoring duties in our organization and am still trying to figure out the in's and out's of NPM. So far I've figured out how to manage nodes and alerts, but recently I was given a task that I've been struggling with. Basically, I need to create a view for a server that displays (with a timestamp) whenever a user logs in or out to that server and also when two files change in size. The request I received is as follows:


      "1.  Requesting Solarwinds monitors that will monitor active, disconnected and connected sessions on the following servers to begin with:

      someserver 1

      someserver 2


      2.  Requesting a test monitor to monitor 2 files on the same servers in the following location:


      The two files are named Rollback.gpf and Rsop.gpf.

      We need the monitor to trip and alert if these two files = 0kb in size.


      3.  Requesting a Dashboard/View that contains the two monitors requested above and for future monitors if testing is successful."


      So far I have been unsuccessful in creating the view. The components I've added to it don't seem to be working properly or I've added the wrong ones:


      Does anyone have any idea on how to do this properly? If it helps, we are using the following SolarWinds products: Orion Platform 2014.1.0, SAM 6.1.1, NPM 10.7, NTA 3.11.0, IVIM 1.9.0.