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    SWQL DetailsURL Custom Table Resource


      I have a Custom Query Resource that I'm working with that is creating a situation I'm hoping someone can help me understand.


      I produced the following query:

      SELECT ToLocal(alts.TriggerTimeStamp) AS DateTime
           ,alts.ActiveObject, alts.ObjectName AS Component
           ,'/Orion/View.aspx?NetObject=GM:' + alts.ActiveObject AS DetailsURL, altd.Name
      FROM Orion.AlertStatus alts LEFT JOIN Orion.AlertDefinitions altd
        ON (alts.AlertDefID = altd.AlertDefID)
      WHERE (alts.State = '2' and alts.ObjectType = 'Group Member')

      I then add all of the columns to the table. The 'Details Page Link' is not an option in the formatting pull down for any of the columns except for DetailsURL.


      Does anyone have any ideas as to why the 'Details Page Link' option isn't available for these other columns?