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    Custom Properties - Modifying Existing PullDown Options


      Hi there.


      We recently started using some pulldown options in customer properties (node).  Along the way we realized that there are a few spelling mistakes or items missing complete model numbers that we wish to modify.  Our only options are to delete the items from the pulldown and then re-add the proper spelling it appears, which means those nodes effected now do not have those values any longer


      Is there another way to search/replace the value that is used in the pulldown menus without losing important data?  We are using some of these custom properties in our alerts as trigger conditions.


      There is probably a way to do it in the database manager but I have no idea where to find the correct fields etc.  If someone has a database query that would search for "APC 7900" and replace that option with "APC AP7900" in the custom property called "Equipment" that would be a huge help to me!


      More and more I'm learning that to run the Solarwinds platform you really need a DBA on staff - in all seriousness I think in the marketing material that SW should put that as a system requirement.




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          hi Paul,


          My suggestion would be to go to Settings > Manage Custom Properties. Then Group By object on the left hand menu, select Nodes, select all the Node custom properties and use the 'Export values' to export it to Excel.


          From the Custom Property manager, clear out all the drop down options for the custom properties you would like to scrub the data for


          Fix the data in Excel, and use the 'Import values' in Settings > Manage Custom Properties.


          That should do it without any DBA help

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            You can do this from the web GUI as well. I've used Country as an example in my lab but the same methodology applies to any other custom property.


            Note: The instructions below are taken from using the Custom Properties Editor but you can do the same from the Manage Nodes screen as well.


            • Click on Settings and then Manage Custom Properties. (or Manage Nodes)
            • Select a custom property and click View/Edit Values.



            • On the Custom Property Editor page, select the particular custom property from the Group By drop-down menu. This will let you filter the nodes based on their current assigned value. Note the [Unknown] represents nodes that haven't had a value applied.  (if you are going via Manage Nodes, you should be able to group by Nodes Custom Properties - "customproperty").



            • Select the values on the left you want to replace and you can either change the values manually on the right pane, or select all the values and click Edit multiple values. The count on the left will automatically update once you save the changes. Please be aware that custom property drop-down values not in use will not show in this list.





            • Once you have all your values set, you can go back to Manage Custom Properties, and edit the particular custom property.



            • On the Edit Custom Property page, click the X next to the values you want to remove from the drop-down menu. Note the system will warn you if you try and delete a value currently in use - for these cases you can then quickly go back and use the method above to locate and change those devices.



            • Any alerts/reports/views/accounts that use the custom property as a filter should be double checked to verify that the conditions match your remaining values. i.e. if you have an alert filtered by "APC 7900", change it to filter on "APC AP7900".