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    FTP Voyager - Multi-Part Transfer Setting?


      Hey Guys -


      I do a lot of downloading over the internet via FTP - most of which are files 1gb - 8gb.  For a couple of years now, I've used SmartFTP due to it's feature of being able to set "Multi-Part Transfers.  Using this makes downloading much faster per file!  For example, when downloading a large file (1gb+) with default settings, it downloads at ~250kb/s  when above is set to 32, I go my max speed of 2.0mb/s.  If not familer, here's how the setting works:


      - It applies to each download worker

      - You may set the file size threshold for it to be used (I set mine to 1mb)

      - You configure how many "Parts" (connections) you wish for it to use (between 1 - 32)

      - It may be enabled or disabled globally or per favorite


      I'm trying to find an alternative FTP client as SmartFTP has had issues recently, but cannot find one which offers this setting.  Does FTP Voyager?


      I downloaded and installed FTP Voyager and started a download from the same site with default settings and 1 worker.  The download speed capped at about 270kb/s.


      If you could tell me how to set this if available, I'd appreciate it very much!


      Thank You!