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    Incomplete data in Port Details resource view in NPM Summary. Missing hostname and IP on an UP interface?


      Has anybody experienced this issue? It's happening in random devices and it is just not reliable 100%. I would have ports that show the respective hostnames and IP as well as if a VoIP is present. But some ports doesn't show anything even though I know for a fact there is a client station and voip on the port and the status is UP. Why is not showing anything?? Network Discover and UDT monitoring are good. I mean, you can trace the mac and IP on that interface using UDT and it shows the hostname just fine there but why not in the Port Details resource in NPM device summary view? Active Directory has no issues so i'm running out on ideas. I just found 1 device today that only shows VoIP IPs now and no computer hostname or IP. Is there something I am missing?? Maybe a checkbox or something somewhere but I pretty much explored all the options I know. Just want to hit you guys up first before I open a ticket. Thanks for any ideas and opinions you guys may have... Thanks