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    Keyboard Shortcuts for Support role


      Hello all,


      I operate in a support and service role. Our finance department assists employees during expense report creation, invoice submission, and product purchases. It would be helpful to have a list of keyboard shortcuts for use while remoted over. The two functions I am looking for: muting my control of enduser’s mouse and disconnecting from their device.


      I realize this is not a very technical question but any advice is appreciated. During my search, I was able to find a keyboard shortcut for disconnecting from the endusers device using ctrl-D. Using this method results in the enduser's ctrl button remaining stuck until they press it again (this has greatly confused some endusers).


      I have resorted to posting on this forum after a long failed attempt at finding this information myself!


      Is there an existing list of keyboard shortcuts?

      Is there a fix in progress for the ctrl stick?

      Should I place a feature request?

      Does my question even belong here??


      We are using DameWare MRC, Version



      Thanks much!!