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    Email updates duplicating?


      I've noticed that in a majority of tickets, when a client or tech updates a ticket via email, the ticket note duplicates. In the below example, the client updated the ticket via replying to the ticket email. (#3323, #3324, #3325) The first time he updated the ticket like that, it duplicated his response, the second time it didn't.


      #15228 I updated in the Web Help Desk, and #15229-15230 was done by clicking 'Add Note' in the ticket email, as you can see it duplicated the note.


      The inbox has action rules hooked up to it so that some messages don't get placed into the help desk, and I looked at all of these rules, nothing appears to be duplicating any tickets. It almost seems like the helpdesk sees a new ticket, takes the information from it, but doesn't delete the email, then sees the email again, re-inserts the information, and deletes the ticket.


      Has this happened to anyone else? We're pulling through IMAP.


      04-Screen Grab.png