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    (probable) Another bug with web reports


      Could someone confirm this to see if they can duplicate what I suspect is yet another bug with web reports.


      In this case it involves trying to use two charts on the same report while utilizing two different custom time periods.  The 'older' configured time period fails to generate a chart.


      For ex: 
      Chart A and Chart B both work fine when I use default time intervals such as 'Past Hour' and 'Yesterday'
      If I set Chart A to use a custom time range and then set Chart B to use a different custom time range, Chart A starts displaying the dreaded and oh-so-non-useful Report resource failed to properly initialize', if I


      Now if I go back and configure Chart A to use a 'new' custom time range /even if it's the same range as before/ Chart A starts to display but it's now Chart B that dies.