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    Propagating folder details down to subnets


      Hi all,


      Having recently added IPAM to our Solarwinds Orion platform I would like to use the folder structure in the 'Manage Subnets & IP Addresses' to group subnets by Region/Country/Site. I'd also like to add custom fields to the Site folder that will store the geographical/postal address of the site.


      With this in mind I would then like to export either the whole list or folders within that would list the subnets (by site) and include the address details in some way. e.g.



        OFFICE 1     Our_Street     Our_City     Our_Postcode





      What would the best way to achieve this, the only way I can do it at the moment is to export a folder which gives me a separate excel document for each subnet and a list of IP's