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    Newbie Question 2: How do I set up NTA to analyze traffic from two different interfaces


      Thanks to Marcus and the help I received, I am now moving on to bigger things!

      I have a CORE switch, a Cisco 6506 (non-E) at a remote location and a Cisco 6506-E at the main site.

      I have an AT&T MPLS P2P circuit from the main site to the remote site.

      What I am wanting to do is set up NTA to tell me the health of the MPLS circuit.

      The closest I can get to this circuit are the interfaces on my 6506s that connect to the AT&T managed routers (Cisco 1841)

      NTA is showing traffic on the port on each switch, but how do I connect the dots and draw a line between the two interfaces?

      If am I am able "draw line between the two", will this tell me anything about the MPLS circuit?

      As always, your comments, suggestions, opinions and flames are welcome and appreciated!

      Bryan Smith

      Fort Wayne, Indiana