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    Including Charts in Alert Emails


      I'm in the process of converting a few of our alert emails and I'm wondering if there is an easy way to do what I'm aiming to accomplish.


      If a group goes down, for X number of minute an alert email is fired with some basic information such as time, link to group on Orion etc. On other network monitoring software I've used it's always been possible to include a chart of some description into the alert email such as a utilization chart on a utilization alert and so on. So I'm trying to do something a bit similar. I've had some limited success so far and can quite easily insert a chart into the body of the email for the whole day by doing the following


      /Chart.aspx?ChartName=ContainerAvailability&NetObject=C:${GroupID}&Period=${MM}/${DD}/${YYYY} 0:00 AM~${MM}/${DD}/${YYYY} 11:59:00 PM&SampleSize=1M&ShowTrend=False&Width=640



      However I'm having difficulty finding a way to do the same thing for different time frames such as a 7 day chart. Is there any way to manipulate the returned values of variables so that a date returning 14 can become 7, or a time of 11:00 can become 10:00?


      Or maybe I'm doing things in an overly complicated way and have completely missed something. Wouldn't be the first time!