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    Widgets - how to configure them




      Since beginning of the year we use WHD. The application is very powerful and helps us a lot to organize our work. Because of this we learn each week a something new about the application.


      An important part of WHD for me is the usage of widgets. Unfortunately they are not working always in the way I need or expect it.


      At the moment I would like to see all the open tickets assigned to my group (9x people). So I created a query, saved it and use it as a base for a widget. The query is based on "Status" and "Tech". The widget is configured like this:


      • The query is based on "Status" and "Tech"
      • The widget "query" = my saved query
      • Category = "Assigned Tech"


      So far so good.


      Recently I spotted that the numbers of tickets shown in the widget is different compare to the numbers of tickets in the query. So I looked into it and found out that my query has no time limit, but the widget only goes back 8x weeks. Because some tickets are older than 8 weeks (I know not ideal, but what can we do....) hence they are not shown in the widget.


      My question now is, does anybody know if it is possible to configure the widget to either extend the time frame or even, like in the query, have no time limit at all.


      Thank you for your help.