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    How can I chart the group member availability in the web report?


        I posted this as a discussion as well in the report GURU.

      I am attempting to chart the availability of members of group. I was able to
      duplicate the group member availability table report from the report writer on
      the server to the web piece by using the sql method.  It was the only way
      to get the group availability column. Apparently I need a time column
      defined to align with the datasource and under the more option I don’t have
      that column available for the group.  My question is how can I add
      that option, is there something I can add to the sql query below?  I am not a SQL guy.  Any help would be appreciated.


      Text of the sql query :

      Select Group_Name,
      Group_Member_Name,  Cast(Group_Member_Status As nvarchar(250)) as
      Group_Member_Status, Group_Member_Availability From ( SELECT


      AS Group_Name, Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupMemberName AS
      Group_Member_Name, Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupMemberStatusDescription
      AS Group_Member_Status,
      Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupMemberPercentAvailability AS









      (Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupName LIKE '%Tier-1-Windows%')






      ) As r ORDER BY 1 ASC, 2 ASC