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    Unable to get IP Netflow data from Cisco 6506 (non-E)


      I have a CORE switch, a Cisco 6506 (non-E) at a remote location.

      It is running IOS version 12.2(18)SXF17b which the latest IOS for a SUP2 card.


      I have an AT&T MPLS P2P circuit from the main site to the remote site.

      On the main site, I have a Checkpoint Firewall that filters traffic to and from the remote site.

      I can use tools in CP to see what traffic is coming from the remote CORE switch.

      I am seeing nothing.


      Here are the commands I entered:

      ip flow-export source fa5/48

      ip flow-export version 5

      ip flow-export destination 2055

      ip flow-cache timeout active 1

      ip flow-cache timeout inactive 15

      snmp-server ifindex persist

      Here is what I see in NTA


      JV NTA Problem 1.jpg

      JV NTA Problem 2.jpg

      My guess is the AT&T managed routers are not passing the netflow traffic, but I have not way to prove that.

      Any thoughts or ideas of things for me to try?

      Any other suggestions? Comments? Opinions or Flames?

      Bryan Smith

      Fort Wayne, Indiana