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    NetFlow Conversation Summary Chart Issue


      Hey guys. A newbie here on Thwack and SolarWinds. The chart display on Top 100 Conversation shows the bandwidth that is just impossible for the current network infrastructure. We have 40Mbps connection with burst, but the chart is showing some conversation took place at over 1Gbps. That's just impossible. However, if I click on the detail it shows the more realistic bandwidth. So I think it's just the chart that is broken. How do I fix this problem? Is this a known bug?

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          Hello Rchonov,


          1 -First thing it would be to go to your interface edit interface - Bandwidth and  set Mb/s accordingly


          2- Second, the TOP xxx  shows data in Bytes, 1 Gigabytes = 1073741824 Bytes, a bit odd for me, but you can go to Edit on the chart edit data units - % interface speed , % total traffic or data transfer/time  





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