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    Geist Environmental Monitor Temperature Displaying Incorrectly


      I just added some more Geist Environmental Monitors to NPM and noticed that some of them are giving back crazy values.  I have confirmed that the MIBs listed on the Geist MIB list match with the temperature MIB that we have set in NPM.


      Here is a screenshot of the resource.  73 and 78 are reporting the temperature correctly.



      I was digging a little deeper and loaded up the UDP application and tried testing the MIB against some of the nodes that were and weren't reporting correctly.  When I tested the nodes with the crazy values, I got a "The OID is not supported" message.  I have checked and found that the firmware between working and non-working nodes is the same.  They are also the same model number.  Any ideas on what else I can do to check or how to get them to read the OID?