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    Need Alert when Orion has DB issue


      Occasionally something haywire will happen to the MSSQL DB server that hosts our Orion DB, which of course causes our monitoring to stop working. What I'm looking for is a way for Orion to monitor itself and send out an alert if things don't look right BUT it can't be any other alarm (like skipped polling cycles) so it must be specific and trigger only when Orion's health is the issue. Anyone have any suggestions?





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          We have 3 NPM SLX installations in different parts of North America.


          We have a 4th little NPM+SAM standalone instance that we use to monitor the other 3 NPM SLX instances.


          Quite appropriately (IMHO) we call the little instance "watchdog" and it bypasses normal alerting paths and sends alerts to specific people directly.


          Sort of like the movie Watchmen. Who watches the watchers ?



          BTW: My background is electronics and thus the name watchdog. Look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watchdog_timer