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    SNMPv3 Wrong Digest Problem


      I have been having a problem for years now with the SNMP MIB Browser in the Engineers Toolset not working with SNMPv3.  It keeps telling me "Connectivity test failed: SNMPv3 - Wrong Digests" when I know the password and privilege passwords are correct.  When I go into the Credentials Manager, I can hit 'Test' all day long and they pass, but when I try to query the same device outside of the Credentials Manager, it fails.  The only time it will work is when I re-enter the authentication and privacy passwords and save, but it only works for a single session.  If I close the application and start it again, I get the same error as above.  Anyone seen this before?  This is my most-used tool in the Engineer's Toolset and it is practically useless for me because of this.