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    HTML/ASP Monitor - Not Finding Search String


      Below are the items I am setting in my new HTML/ASP Monitor.


      The monitor keeps failing. The Page does not contain the word Fail.


      Is there something I am doing wrong? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.







      Monitor Name



      HelpTest Parameters

      IP Address / Domain Name
      TCP Port
      Credential for Monitoring



      Rollup ToggleHelpAnalysis of Test Results

      Search StringFail



      Rollup ToggleHelpTiming

      Maximum Test Duration seconds
      Delays Between Tests While:
      Up seconds
      Warn (failures but not alerting) seconds
      Down (alerts in progress) seconds
      Lost (no alerts permitted) seconds



      Rollup ToggleHelpNotification Control

      Accumulated Failures per Alert
      Maximum Alerts to Send



      Rollup ToggleHelpRecovery Parameters

      FQDN / NetBIOS / IP Address
      Credential for Recovery
      Windows NT Services List