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    Group Email Issue


      Hi Guys,

      I am new to Solarwinds and have just installed NPM 10.7. I have configured a group and added group members. I am trying to setup an alert that will email when a member of the group is down or up. I setup the alert trigger to be the following -

      Member Status is equal to down

      Group status is equal to warning


      I set the email alert to -

      ${GroupMemberName} is ${GroupMemberStatusDescription}


      When the member goes down i get an alert. However it seems to be for the member that i added first. For example if added a router first, then a server i would then take the server offline to test this. I end up getting a message saying the router is up. When i bring the online again, it again tells me the router is up.


      I am not sure exactly which variable i should be using.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,