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    ESX Host CPU Monitoring Mistery...


      Hi All,


      I have a little problem and hope some of you may be able to pint me to the right direction:


      I have a number of ESX hosts I am monitoring here. They are all set to ICMP and Pool for VMWare:



      With these settings I was getting CPU & Memory monitoring. It was a bit of a surprise for me when I first set this up, as I was not expecting CPU/Memory to come under ICMP, but I guess this is all has to do with "Poll for VMWare"


      A week ago I lost CPU and Memory monitoring for all hosts. I cannot really remember if we have done any significant changes, but the fact is - no CPU nor Memory statistics available in SolarWinds. I got used to it


      Would anyone please be able to point me to the right direction what do I need to check to troubleshoot CPU and Memory statistics for ESX hosts? I have run out of ideas.


      P.S. root credentials definitely work fine, as I have ESX application attached to hosts and it is polling data just fine, with the same credentials




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          OK, I have no idea what has happened here and I could not work out what has gone wrong. 


          To workaround this issue I have attached ESX Monitoring Template to my hosts and have used multiple statistic chart to display statistics for multiple hosts - works very well and I can see the whole stack on one page (even better than before)