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    Day/Night/Weekend alerts


      What is your approach for alerts for different times of the day/week? I am trying to set up alerts with varying sensitivity for working hours, night hours, and weekends. By using three separate alerts with time restrictions, I'm running into a weird issue where all three alerts are triggered even though the time restrictions should suppress it. As a workaround I've got one alert and three trigger actions, where the email actions have the time restrictions. The night/weekend email actions include a 20 minute time delay, but the problem is that there's no way to apply a delay to the reset action. So here's what happens:


      - One of our remote sites experiences nightly packet loss

      - The alert is triggered, but the email action is delayed for 20 minutes

      - The packet loss stops before the 20 minutes is reached

      - The Reset action is triggered.

      - Repeat.


      Our inboxes get floods of "Node is up" messages when a remote site experiences intermittent packet loss overnight. What's everyone else doing for their day/night/weekend alerts?