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    NPM 'dbo.Nodes.StatusDescription' field doesn't propagate to node status


      In order to provide situational awareness, I've created dummy nodes for each of our operating locations where I use scripts to update status if there are weather problems in the area, power outages that forced a switch to generator power, scheduled facility maintenance, etc.  I use SQL to update the 'dbo.Nodes.Status' to one of the following values based on criticality of the situation:

      ValueIcon ColorShortDescription from dbo.StatusInfo
      14Dark RedCritical


      I then update the 'dbo.Nodes.StatusDescription' with custom data provided based on the alert.  These fields maintain the appropriate info, but when users hover over the node, it still shows the default 'Node is [XXX]' where [XXX] is the dbo.StatusInfo.ShortDescription field.


      Does anyone know of an easy way to get the status description in the default node listings and hover over boxes to use the 'dbo.Nodes.StatusDescription' field instead of the 'dbo.statusInfo.ShortDescription' field?