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    Bulk Deleting Tickets and Sending Of Emails


      Our new records management process requires deletion of support request older than 3 years.  The plan is to yearly (at purge time) do a WHD search, and then bulk delete tickets from the system.  We have been using WHD since 2008, so there are just over 900 tickets to delete the first time around.


      I've created a bulk delete action and applied it to a small batch of tickets, but this sent out an email to me for deleting it, as well as tried to send emails to techs, who no longer work with us.  Because of the attempts to email folks, the process was VERY slow.  Maybe 60 seconds for 20 tickets.  Not to mentioned I'll be blocked by our network admins for sending out so much unnecessary email traffic.


      I checked through the settings, but I couldn't find an option for disable emailing on deletion.


      Other than removing our email details from the admin interface, or blocking the emails at the firewall level until I get them all bulk deleted, does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this?