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    WHD Javascript doesn't work when accessed externally


      Hi there...


      We have been using Web Helpdesk for a couple of months now in our organisation with no problem.


      I have now published the helpdesk to the internet via a reverse-proxy server hosted in our DMZ (Application request routing as part of an IIS 8 deployment).  This forwards requests to helpdesk.domain.com through our Firewall and on to the internal server.  The proxying appears to be working mostly alright as users can log into WHD and view tickets etc.  WHD is accessed using the same URL both internally and externally so that we have a consistent address and certificate being presented to our users, our DNS servers translate the DNS name to either local or public IP depending on location.


      Up until now everything sounds great, however I have discovered that any Javascript functions that are on the pages (such as creating a tech note) fail to run.  Web Console in the browser indicates one of the following errors:


      1. Uncaught ReferenceError: Ajax is not defined      view?tab=mine:1321
      2. Uncaught ReferenceError: AUC is not defined       view?tab=mine:3045

      I have reviewed the source code when accessed internally or externally I can't see any differences that would account for the failure in the javascript functions.  The scripts are referenced by relative name (e.g. "/helpdesk/scripts/file.js") so the reverse-proxying shouldn't have an affect on the content being served.

      Any ideas what would be causing this change in behaviour between internal and external users?

      Many thanks,