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    Creating a report to show transmit/receive bandwidth


      Can someone confirm this for me? I've got a support case open and I'm not sure I believe what they're telling me.


      1. Create a new report and insert a "custom chart" resource

      2. Choose a few interfaces from any SNMP node

      3. Include "Avg. transmit bps" and "Avg. receive bps" in the chart

      4. Adjust the sample interval to "Every 1 minute"

      5. Submit, and adjust the time range to "Last 2 hours"


      If you generate the report at, for example, half past the hour do you see a 30 minute gap on the left side? Or is your chart filled edge to edge? If you run the report at quarter past the hour, do you see a 45 minute gap? etc etc


      Thanks in advance to anyone who tests this for me.