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    Orion View - Netflow Analyser - Specify Interface (without GUI)


      We are trying to create a monthly report that gives us the Top 10 applications on all our WAN interfaces for our offices.

      We know how to manage views and create Percentage utilisation reports for WAN interfaces, the issue is doing the same with Netflow.


      We can create the view however it wants to use the interactive "Flow Navigator" to select one node/interface and time period at a time.


      We would like to create a view using th the netflow data that shows:


      - specific node #1 - WAN interface - Top xx application - Ingress (Column #1)

      - specific node #1 - WAN interface - Top xx application - Egress (Column #2)


      and then continue this down the view for all the other nodes/interfaces we want reported on. Then We can schedule the view to run and create the view into a PDF for email delivery.


      Any ideas?