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    Documentation for ticket commands in e-mail subject line?


      In the WHD product brochure, Administrator's Guide, etc., there are several references to being able to manage tickets by e-mail.  I tripped across the commands in the subject line when playing around with Approvals, but I have not been able to find anywhere where this is fully documented.  I am looking for full documentation of all the available commands and syntax.  Ultimately, we would like to be able to close tickets, add comments, etc. by replying to ticket e-mails (or possibly by creating a new e-mail).

      This is a very useful feature in Spiceworks that I have used in the past.  Spiceworks will parse the body of the e-mail, and you can use commands such as #close to close a ticket (you can even add this after a note, to add a note to the ticket and then close it).

      Can someone point me to documentation for this?