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    Solarwind NPM polling best practice


      Im looking for some feedback that might help me moving forward.


      I have noticed that my polling engine is missing some polls throughout the day. I am running the SL2000 but I only have about 1500 interfaces on 900 nodes being monitored. I need to be able to see detailed 1 minute stats for at least 7 days but I am wondering if this is putting to much load on the polling server.


      Does anyone have any recommended polling settings that might help with my performance issues?


      Here on my server stats:


      Server 2012 R2 (Sadly )

      32Gig Ram

      Dual Xeon

      Dell Server r410


      Thanks for the feedback.

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          Hi David,


          in the web console go to admin > details > polling engines


          look at your polling rate and polling completion


          how many cpus do u have in the server? also where is your database located, what does the load look like on the server?


          also how big is your solarwinds database?


          and what type of raid setup has been setup for the database?