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    Tool tips in Reports > Manage Schedule


      If you go Reports > Manage Schedule > then make a selection > rest the mouse on the yellow part of the found string and nothing happens, but rest on a portion of the Action that is not found or highlighted and the Action is displayed as a pop-up tool tip. The same is true of the Frequency field if you find part of that with your search and it's the same in both my live and test environment.

      When searching on something specific I find that all of the field is often matched; then I can't see the tool tip and have to delete some of my carefully composed search string to expose some non-matching text so that I can rest on it.

      Is this just me or a feature that's not been explained to me or is there a small bug in there?


      Orion Platform 2014.1.0, SAM 6.0.2, IPAM 3.1, NCM 7.1.1, NPM 10.7, NTA 3.11.0, WPM 2.0.1, UDT 3.0.2, IVIM 1.9.0, VNQM 4.1