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    NTA 4.x DB Clarification?


      We are looking at installing an evaluation copy of NTA 4.01 - but the release notices are not quite clear - at least not enough for me to satisfy our change management process.


      It indicates on a 64-bit OS, the product uses two databases:  MS-SQL, and NTA Flow Storage.


      From what I understand the NTA Flow Storage will utilize a standard NTFS file structure.


      My questions is in regards to the MS-SQL piece.


      Is this a NEW MS-SQL database, or does it leverage my existing MS-SQL database that the NPM component is using?

      We are currently running NPM 10.7, NCM 7.2.2, and IPAM 4.1 - with a enterprise MS-SQL 2008 R2 instance.


      Thanks in advance for any clarification that is provided.