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    Restore default Views and Menu Bars?


      Is there an easy way to restore the views and menu bars back to out of the box settings?


      I have an issue where when we did the install (NPM 10.5) some of the users were attempting to customise it to what _they_ needed it, not realising it impacted all with those views used.

      Now it would be beneficial to be able to keep the current users how they are (maybe the ability to rename the views their using) and create/reset the defaults so someone can be tasked to check out what features the users are possibly missing out on and design a newer view eg for all users depending on their teams requirements.


      This was originally raised back in 2010 under point#1 here NPM 10 Views / Breadcrumbs Feature Request and marked for the PM to review

      It has now recently been made an idea to vote on here http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/3802 .


      Anyone done this previously? Have a documented howto somewhere that you could share?