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    Host Partition Storage Free Space Alert Problem


      We have Virtualization Manager running in our environment and i'm having a strange issue with it. One of the alerts that comes up is in regard to Host partition storage free space. It states that if the local ESXi host partition falls below 20% free space, it will throw the alert. Great! I like that plan, however, it isn't working properly. Here is a readout from one of the hosts it's throwing the alert on. Any thoughts?


      ~ # df -h
      Filesystem   Size   Used Available Use% Mounted on
      VMFS-5       2.0T 984.0M      2.0T   0% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN14
      VMFS-5       2.0T 307.1G      1.7T  15% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN04
      VMFS-5     131.8G 971.0M    130.8G   1% /vmfs/volumes/ServerName_local
      VMFS-5       2.4T   1.8T    651.7G  74% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN15
      VMFS-5       2.0T 905.0G      1.1T  44% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN02
      VMFS-5       2.0T   1.3T    672.5G  67% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN12
      VMFS-5       2.0T   1.4T    591.7G  71% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN03
      VMFS-5       2.0T   1.4T    658.6G  68% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN01
      VMFS-5       2.5T   2.2T    373.0G  86% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN05
      VMFS-5       2.0T 405.1G      1.6T  20% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN13
      VMFS-5       2.0T   1.4T    657.1G  68% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi_LUN11
      vfat         4.0G  31.5M      4.0G   1% /vmfs/volumes/GUID1
      vfat       249.7M 142.3M    107.5M  57% /vmfs/volumes/GUID2
      vfat       249.7M 155.6M     94.1M  62% /vmfs/volumes/GUID3
      vfat       285.8M 183.4M    102.4M  64% /vmfs/volumes/GUID4


      Now, as you can see, one of the LUN's is over 80% but that isn't a local host partition, the GUID1-4 and ServerName_local directories are the local storage.


      Am I just viewing/interpreting this incorrectly or is something not reporting properly?


      Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          The out of the box alert doesn't distinguish between local and shared shared storage. The scope of the search is

          host.vol.freeSpacePercentage:[* TO 20]


          If you click on the alert name, you can see the list of volumes that triggered the alert in the 'Least free space' column.


          If you want to restrict the search (i.e., evaluate the alert) for certain volumes only, you can edit the Alert and change the search to something like


          host.vol.freeSpacePercentage:[* TO 20]  host.vol.mountPoint:*LUN*


          to restrict to volumes containing the word LUN

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            this is caused by the fact that the application started collecting more data about non-local storage since the previous version. Unfortunately, there is currently no reliable information under host.vol. that would indicate whether the volume is local or not, so I'm afraid there are only heuristic solutions similar to the one proposed by HolyGuacamole. I'm curious about why is alerting on local storage separately important to you?


            Anyway, the VMan team is now aware of the issue and will consider fixing it in a future release.