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    Views/Filters problem


      Having some problems with views/filters in NPM 10.7.


      What I want is a summary page that can show specific information about multiple nodes. For example, a single view that can show the top 10 interfaces for switch1, and the top 10 for switch2 etc, or even interfaces of my choice (not Top XX), all on one page. I've tried adding various resources, but can't find an easy way of doing this. The nearest I've got is the 'multiple objects' step chart, which you can add interfaces of your choice (by the looks of it), but they system seems to chose a random switch and port for the title, which I can't change. This means the title doesn't match the chart.


      The Top XX Interfaces by Traffic allows you to add a filter, but every filter I try (e.g. NodeId = 'N:575') just give me 'Custom SQL Filter is incorrectly formatted' error. I thought this should have been pretty easy, and maybe it still is, but it's not obvious where I'm going wrong.