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    custom msi does not hold settings


      I am using DameWare Mini Remote Control version 11.  I am trying to deploy the agent to all of our workstations.  I have read in the help file that I can create a custom msi by first installing the agent, configuring it, and then I can build an MSI with those settings.  I have followed those steps but the msi created only has the default settings.  It looks like it can be created using a settings profile, but I can't see anywhere, where I can create a profile.  Any help is appreciated!

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          You actually want to use the Client Agent MSI Builder which will allow you to create a profile once you've configured the agent with the desired settings.  If you're on Windows 8 just type 'MSI Builder' and it should pull up the app for you to launch.  If you're on a pre-Windows 8 OS then it should be in the SolarWinds/DameWare install folder.