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    Utilizing vSphere Tags to create server groups in SWVM


      Is it possible to search on tags assigned to objects in vSphere in order to create SWVM system maps? I have about 200 systems running instances of SQL Server that are all tagged "SQL" in vSphere, and I'd like to create a map that includes all of those systems without having to individually select them. If you know of a way to do so please let me know, as I feel like I'm banging my head against the internet with no luck figuring out if it works or not.


      Jason Abels

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          Hi Jason,


          We do not currently collect VMware tags in Vman. The last I checked this data was not available via the API, which is why we have not done it yet. We are currently investigating if there is any way to get this data, as it is pretty commonly requested, but I don't have any timeframes for you.


          VMan does have it's own labeling mechanism you can use for this purpose. You will have to go re-tag your environment in VMan in order to accomplish this, so not ideal, but it is a solution.